Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

2/24/2015 in Category Youth In Jackson

​​by: keydra
When I was in middle school, all I wanted was to be like everyone else. This wasn’t some arbitrary, post-primary education development; I’d actually spent much of my young... More

Follow Me

11/12/2014 in Category Youth In Jackson

By: Keydra
That’s what we tell our friends to do daily when we request their “friendship” on Facebook or post our Twitter and Instagram names across social media to lure them in.

Follow... More

School’s Out, Now What?

5/28/2014 in Category Youth In Jackson

By: Keydra 
Now your student can potentially lose up to two (2) months of the mathematical skills and reading achievement acquired during the school year. This, among other things, is what... More

Jesus never met a prostitute.

4/10/2014 in Category


I visited Henley-Young Juvenile Detention Center in Jackson this morning.  We were welcomed to begin some ministry work there in the center, and were given a... More

All Things Last?

3/18/2014 in Category Youth In Jackson

By: Keydra 
All things last?

Nah, all things fade away. We know this to be true yet everyday we hope for some thing, strive to earn some thing, envy our neighbor whom has this thing... It... More